f Through The Lens Of AMY: Nairobi .. walking around Kibera

domingo, 25 de novembro de 2012

Nairobi .. walking around Kibera

I am so glad to meet girls like Penina, such a smart girl. 
She will have a bright future, thanks to the support of Sister for Education.

Visiting Penina in her house .. Kibera - Nairobi/Kenya.

looking outside @ inside of 4m x 4m house - Kibera slum

small kitchen @ inside of 4m x 4m house - Kibera slum

neighborhood @ Kibera slum 

looking for something to sell @ Kibera slum

"I would like to open a school, because I feel bad to see girls who have potential, children who have potential in Kibera, but because of poverty they are enable to progress. So, talents are killed"
@ Kibera slum

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